The Most Reliable Along with Cheapest Bulk Text message in Nigeria

We welcome you to our cheapest mass SMS in Nigeria system where you experience fast, reliable and affordable bulk SMS service. We understand how important it can be to effectively connect and reach out to other folks like never before. There is always a life threatening time constraint which in turn stands in your means. The lasting treatment for your dilemma is with an affordable Majority SMS service provider that offers you a fast web site to reach a wide set of people within the very least possible time. All of us make sure that your message contains the widest reach from the fastest way. The assistance come at a minimum price that you will be thrilled to afford. Give your organization the right exposure it takes. Send an important statement fast to all the people in your group by way of our services.

It is possible to open an account around, and it is absolutely free. You will be surprised to see the many lucrative packages which we offer. For regular people, we have the minimal package of 500 units @ 0.97kobo per unit regarding SMS. The prices get better if you subscribe to each of our VIP membership. You purchase a minimum of 500 products of bulk Text message @ 0.79kobo per unit of Text message. We offer the cheapest mass SMS to all our bulk SMS people and resellers.

Make sure you, note that the least volume of bulk SMS we all sell is 500 units. That is, settlement for less than 500 models of bulk Text messages will not be attended to.

Every person has the needs and size never suits all. We offer customized packages for you. Our team offer divergent price rates for Bulk Text message Nigeria for each GSM networks. We decided to use this costs concept to ensure that you are billed according to the usage. We believe in providing you service without the interruptions 24/7. We also have other sites to make sure you have the deals that suit you the best. The 3 bulk Text messages sites will surely increase your options to opt for a trustworthy and SMS in Nigeria at your convenience.

The particular calculation of total SMS length. We all calculate the rates per SMS site. The total number of characters in a page associated with SMS is always preset. Our platform also offers the option of adding a new signature to your account. The actual signature is appended to every single message you send on our cheapest bulk Text messages in Nigeria platform.

The main Message is came into in the Compose SMS box on the Create SMS page. The volume of characters in your Personal box will be deemed if you are using Signature Content material. You can go to your Account Establishing Page and save or modify the unique content.

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